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Entering Freshman Scholarships FAQ
Skip to section. Q1:  I am an Entering Freshman and would like to apply for scholarships at UT Austin. How do I begin the process?

Skip to section. Q2:  How do I apply for departmental or college-specific scholarships?

Skip to section. Q3:  Am I required to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) if I want to apply for scholarships at UT Austin?

Skip to section. Q4:  Are there any other available scholarships not specifically mentioned on the ApplyTexas scholarship application or Texasscholarships.org?

Skip to section. Q5:  Can I apply for scholarships for the Summer sessions?

Skip to section. Q6:  Is there a deadline to submit recommendation letters and any documentary materials?

Skip to section. Q7:  What if my test scores arrive at UT Austin after the December 1 application deadline?

Skip to section. Q8:  I did not take the SAT but I did take the ACT. Can I still apply and be considered for scholarships?

Skip to section. Q9:  If I can still access the ApplyTexas Application's Scholarship Section after December 1, does that mean I can still submit it?

Skip to section. Q10:  I submitted my ApplyTexas Application. How can I check its status?

Skip to section. Q11:  How can I update information on my ApplyTexas Application after it has been submitted or after the deadline has passed?

Skip to section. Q12:  I am an international student. Can I apply for scholarships using the ApplyTexas Application?

Skip to section. Q13:  I am a non-resident student. Can I apply for scholarships and will I be given equal consideration as Texas residents?

Skip to section. Q14:  Questions 29-32 of the Scholarship Section ask for Parent Total Annual Income. Is this before or after taxes?

Skip to section. Q15:  How can I navigate through the ApplyTexas Application's Scholarship Section?
A:  First, you must begin an ApplyTexas Application and select UT Austin as your target university. You must complete and save the Admission Section of the application before you are given access to the Scholarship Section. Doing this directly leads you into the Scholarship Section. Much of your scholarship information is directly tied to the Admission Section, so it is very important that you save your admission information before you begin the Scholarship Section.
By completing the application, you will automatically be considered for the majority of scholarships awarded by the Office Financial Aid for the following academic year. This application is made available in August of every Fall semester and is used to award students for the following academic year. The deadline is December 1.
NOTE: Completing the ApplyTexas Application's Scholarship Section does not necessarily make you eligible for specific departmental scholarships. Contact your prospective academic department for information about their scholarship procedures.
A:  In most cases, each academic department or college manages its own scholarship awarding process. In some cases, an academic department or college requires incoming students to fill out the ApplyTexas Application, in addition to their own scholarship application. Contact your prospective academic department for information about their scholarship procedures.
A:  The University requires students to complete the FAFSA if they wish to be considered for any need-based financial aid, including scholarships offered through the Office of Financial Aid. Students who wish to be considered only for merit-based scholarships are not required to complete the FAFSA, but are still encouraged to do so. Many merit-based scholarships also have a financial need component, and it is therefore always advantageous to complete the FAFSA. UT Austin's priority deadline for the FAFSA is March 15 for students applying for the Summer sessions and the Fall and/or Spring semesters.
NOTE: We recommend that you complete and submit the FAFSA by the March 15 priority deadline for early scholarship reviews.
A:  Completion of the ApplyTexas scholarship application and the FAFSA will put you in consideration for generic scholarships that may be non-renewable awards.
A:  Students applying for Summer admission should complete the Scholarship Section of the ApplyTexas Application. Although the Office of Financial Aid does not generally award scholarships for the Summer sessions, Summer applicants will still be considered for Fall and Spring scholarship opportunities. Students should also contact their prospective academic department to find out if they offer scholarship support during the Summer.
A:  The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) strongly encourages you to send all supplementary materials required for a particular scholarship on or before the December 1 deadline. Some scholarships require that documentation be submitted much earlier. Be sure to make note of all appropriate deadlines and act accordingly. OFA urges you to send all supplemental documentation as soon as possible, but will continue to accept all materials that arrive up to the time each scholarship committee meets to review applications. Typically, this occurs several weeks after the December 1 deadline.
NOTE: The following scholarships have a strict December 1 postmark deadline for required materials.
  • Ronald M. and Marilou D. Brown Endowed Scholarship
  • Laverne Noyes Foundation Scholarship
  • Ruth M. Martin Unrestricted Endowed Presidential Scholarship
Contact your academic department for specific instructions about scholarships administered by them.
A:  Any test scores that arrive through the proper channel (sent directly to UT Austin using Score Recipient Code 6882) after December 1 are processed and accepted until all scholarship and admission committees have made their decisions. The deciding committee will use the highest score on file at the time of consideration. While UT Austin continues to accept additional scores after the December 1 deadline, there is no guarantee that the new scores will be available before the respective scholarship committees meet. For information about reporting test scores to UT Austin, consult the UT Austin Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at (512) 232-2662. If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.
A:  Yes. UT Austin accepts both the SAT and the ACT for admission and scholarship consideration purposes.
A:  The ApplyTexas Application for The University of Texas will shut down at midnight on December 1, therefore you will not have access to any part of the application after 11:59pm (CST) on December 1.
A:  If you have submitted your ApplyTexas Application, you may check its status by returning to the My Account page. Once you have submitted your application, it takes a few business days for UT Austin to receive it. UT Austin uses the date you submitted the application — rather than the date we received it — to determine if you met the December 1 deadline.
A:  Please be aware that once you have submitted an application, you cannot make changes to it. It is vital that you check your responses for accuracy before you submit it. The deadline to submit the ApplyTexas Application is 11:59 p.m. (CST) on December 1.
A:  No, in most cases, international students are restricted from accessing the ApplyTexas Application. For more information about scholarships and international students, see International Students.
A:  Yes, you can apply for scholarships and yes, you will be given equal consideration as Texas residents. Although there are scholarships that are awarded specifically to residents of Texas, there are a large volume of awards that have no residential stipulation.
A:  Questions 8 & 10 and 13-16 of the Scholarship Section ask for Total Annual Income, not Adjusted Gross Income. The appropriate answer would be the amount each respective person earns (from all sources in addition to employment) before tax adjustments. Since the FAFSA asks for Adjusted Gross Income (as reported on the IRS Tax Form), there will be a slight inconsistency in the income amounts reported. The Office of Financial Aid is aware of the differing amounts and takes both numbers into account when determining financial need.
A:  To navigate the Scholarship Section, you have 2 options:
  1. As you complete and save each page, you will automatically advance to the next page in the section. You must fill out each page in order, i.e. you must have completed Page 1 to advance to Page 2, etc.
  2. As you save each page of the Scholarship Section, the page numbers located in the header navigation bar will become clickable. You may click on any number to go directly to a specific page. The list of pages appears below:

    Page 1 - Personal Information
    Page 2 - Family & Financial Information
    Page 3 - Scholarships
    Page 4 - Short Answer Questions
    Page 5 - Available Scholarships
    Page 6 - University Custom Questions