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Scholarship Types FAQ
A:  Scholarships at UT Austin are awarded largely from two main sources: (1) your academic college or department and (2) the Office of Student Financial Services. In both cases, scholarship funds are limited and the selection process is highly competitive. Though there are other scholarship programs at UT Austin, the following two areas offer the majority of awards at the University:
College and Departmental Scholarships
  • Scholarships generally are awarded on the basis of merit.
  • The majority of colleges or departments that award scholarships have their own application procedures and deadlines.
  • Award amounts vary in annual amount ($500 to $10,000+) and in length (from one to four-year).
Office of Student Financial Services Scholarships
  • Awards scholarships based on both merit and financial need (submission of FAFSA is required to be considered for need-based awards).
  • Uses its own scholarship applications (one for entering freshmen and one for continuing and transfer students).
  • Award amounts vary in annual amount ($500 to $10,000+) and in length (from one to four-year).
A:  The Office of Student Financial Services does not currently publicize a list of all scholarships it administers. An abbreviated list of OSFS scholarships, available on this web site, provides information about the highest profile scholarships awarded through the office.
A:  The Texas Exes, the official alumni association representing The University of Texas at Austin, awards hundreds of scholarships to UT Austin students each year. The Texas Exes consider entering freshmen as well as current UT Austin students for scholarship awards. Consult The Texas Exes page on this web site for specific application information.
A:  The Private Scholarships and the Private Scholarships Search Engines pages on this site are helpful resources for finding scholarship opportunities outside The University of Texas at Austin.
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